Show and Display

On August 13, 1999, a new rule was instated to permit entry of nonconforming motor vehicles for show or display. In order to import a vehicle under this exemption, one must apply to NHTSA for permission. The purpose of the application is to establish whether or not the vehicle is of historical or technological significance that would be in the public interest to show or display it within the United States. These show or display vehicles would be difficult or close to impossible to be brought into compliance with the FMVSS. The rule is intended to facilitate the importation of a vehicle when the manufacturer never certified it for sale in the United States.


There is a list of approved and disapproved vehicles for show or display on the NHTSA website J.K. Technologies has worked with the McLaren F1, Mercedes Benz CLK GTR, McLaren SLR Stirling Moss, Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Sport Classic in the past years. To import these exotic cars, the owner must submit the show or display application to NHTSA to receive approval. We are able to provide this service to you with an additional charge. With approval, the owner must obey the 2,500 mile a year on-road use limitation.

Documents Needed

  1. Signed Application
  2. Insurance Policy limited to 2,500 miles per year – must be printed on binder
  3. Copy of Title
  4. Copy of Bill of Sale
  5. Photographs, front, rear, side, interior, etc.


  1. Contract with JK
  2. Copy of Drivers License
  3. Limited Power of Attorney
  4. Non-conforming declaration form (download here)
  5. Copy of Title
  6. Copy of Bill of Sale/Proforma Invoice (download here)
  7. Show or Display Waiver

JK Technologies

  1. Copy of Insurance
  2. Copy of 3520
  3. EPA release
  4. Copy of HS-7
  5. Show or Display release
  6. Copy of 7501 – customs entry
  7. Book for records keeping