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Importation of motor vehicles into the United States is a complicated process that involves a Registered Importer, and an Independent Commercial Importer. J. K. Technologies, L.L.C. holds both licenses and is one of the oldest and most respected importers in the country. This means we are specifically licensed by USDOT and USEPA to bring vehicles into compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Federal Emissions Requirements and Standards.

The first step is to go and visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and see if your vehicle is on the eligibility list http://icsw.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/import/. If the vehicle is on this list, then it is eligible to be imported into the United States. If it is not on the list, then J.K. Technologies, L.L.C. can petition the USDOT to have it added to the list either as substantially similar (like model already in the US) or capable of being modified (crash data may be required). If a car is right hand drive, USDOT requires data showing whether or not the right hand drive vehicle will have the same results that the left hand drive vehicle would have in a crash. Crash testing is an extensive project that requires purchasing more than one vehicle of the exact year, make and model to be crashed. The petitioning time takes longer than the normal petitioning process.